Marching for Allah by Sumayya Kalla (CD)

Marching for Allah by Sumayya Kalla (CD)

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by Sumayya Kalla

Track list

  1. Allahu Akbar (Voice Only)
  2. Marching for Allah (Voice Only)
  3. Khadija to Fatima (Voice Only) [feat. Zahra Kalla]
  4. I Dream (Voice Only)
  5. The Prophets (Voice Only)
  6. Be Like Muhammad (Voice Only)
  7. Butterfly (Voice Only)
  8. Salawaat (Voice Only) [feat. Hussein Kalla]
  9. Praise to Allah (Voice Only)
  10. The 99 Names (Voice Only) [feat. Hussein Kalla]
  11. Allahu Akbar (Drums)
  12. Marching for Allah (Drums)
  13. Khadija to Fatima (Drums) [feat. Zahra Kalla]
  14. I Dream (Drums)
  15. The Prophets (Drums)
  16. Butterfly (Drums)
  17. Salawaat (Drums) [feat. Hussein Kalla]
  18. Praise to Allah (Drums)
  19. The 99 Names (Drums) [feat. Hussein Kalla]
Sumayya is a young and budding Nasheed artist with a unique style of writing and singing. The album has a unifying message that irrespective of colour, shape, form or faith, we are all on this journey back home to our Creator,the Ever Merciful Allah (SWT).

Listen to Sumayya on her YouTube channel here: 



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