Passage of Time by Sameehah Essa (CD)

Passage of Time by Sameehah Essa (CD)

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by Sameehah Essa

Track list

  1. Passage of Time
  2. Adam (A.S)
  3. Nooh (A.S)
  4. Ebrahim (A.S)
  5. Yusuf (A.S)
  6. Moosa (A.S)
  7. Dawood (A.S)
  8. Sulaiman (A.S)
  9. Eesa (A.S)
  10. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)
  11. Ummah Heart

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A beautiful collection of nasheeds sung by Sameehah Essa, a mini Muslimah from Johannesburg, South Africa. “Passage of Time” features 11 tracks, centered around stories of some of the Prophets of Islam (may peace be upon them all). The tracks focus on the positive contributions which these Prophets made, their kindness and humility, and their dedication to guiding their societies to live within the correct Islamic principles. Produced under the guidance and support of Anisa Essa (Sameehah’s mother) & producer, Jeremy Karodia.

 “My dream of making my own an-nasheed CD has finally come true, through the will of the Almighty. This wonderful experience has taught me so much. Most of the lessons which I have learnt have been achieved through the knowledge I gained whilst researching the lives of the great Prophets. Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is my complete inspiration. My goal in life is to strive to live a life just like he did. By way of his character, he set an excellent example for us to follow. Simple qualities like being honest, kind and trustworthy earned him love and respect from all. I hope that you enjoy listening to my CD as I much as I enjoyed making it.” Sameehah Essa

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