The Alhamdulillah Book

The Alhamdulillah Book

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By Bismillah Buddies

The Alhamdulillah books helps children develop mindfulness and gratitude. It encourages them to look around and take notice of things they see. Then connects everything they experience with a feeling of awe at Allah’s creations and gratitude.

The book features a QR Code on the cover page, for the reader to download and play the catchy song and video, to be sung while reading the book. (Note: song features no musical instruments besides the duff).

Note: These books have been designed in consultation with mothers, educators, and teachers of Islamic studies. They employ several simple strategies to help engage children and ensure that their introduction to Islamic learning is full of laughter and joy. Simple concepts have been selected making these books ideal for children between the ages of 1-5 years old. The catchy tunes and accompanying videos engage older children as well. The books are structured such that children can keep adding on lyrics based on their experiences.

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