Companion Collection (2 Sets of Games)

Companion Collection (2 Sets of Games)

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A collection of 2 family trivia games about the Sahaba (Companions of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW)).

"The Prophet (S) worked for me as a tradesman." - Who am I?

"I was the only person to accompany the Prophet (S) on his migration from Makkah to Madinah." - Who am I?

"I was the fastest Companion at running, and could even outrun horses." - Who am I? 

If these questions got you thinking, then read on...

Companion Collection immerses the entire family into a fun, faith-lifting experience that can be enjoyed with almost zero set-up time. It uses the incredible lives of the Sahaba as a platform for a family trivia game that can be played by both children and adults.

So if you wish your WHOLE family would spend more QUALITY time together bonding and nurturing each other's faith at the same time, then the Companion Collection is for you.

The set contains:

Companion Quest (Game for Adults)

This game presents 5 clues to the identity of a Companion. The faster you guess, the more points you get.

With over 500 jewels covering the lives of over 100 Companions, encapsulated in a thrilling clues game, Companion Quest is one of a kind. As a dual game, designed to be played between two people or teams, clues are read out revealing the identity of a Companion. The faster you guess, the more points you gain. The set also contains a bonus Highlights and Villains set which completes the package beautifully. 

Companion Clues (Game for Kids)

This game poses a question and gives kids four possible answers to choose from.

This children's game uses logical deduction and multiple choice questions to learn about the Companions. It's a fantastic learning tool to get to know about the Sahaba in a thought-provoking way. Companion Clues covers 60 Sahaba and is also designed to be played as a duel game between two or more people or teams. 

Companion Course - The Board Game for Everyone: children vs. adults!

Companion Course is a board game that allows both Companion Quest and Companion Clues to be played on one platform. Points from both games are converted into moves on a path that traverses through the lands to which the Companions carried the message of Islam. Companion Course comes complete with magnetic counters that double up as clips used to bookmark the Companion Quest and Companion Clues cards.

This game was developed with over two years of research sourced from early authentic Islamic biographies of the Sahaba.

Companion Collection is Learning Roots' hallmark product, and they've spared no effort in making this a first-class finished product. You'll be completely astounded by the quality of this collection when you get yours!

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