iPray Salah Pad for Boys

iPray Salah Pad for Boys

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The iPray Salah Pad is a great learning tool to introduce young boys to salah in a fun, innovative and interactive way.

The iPray Salah Pad for Boys allows young boys to learn how to perform both wudhu and salah. Children can also learn how to recite the adhan, iqama, various related duas as well as learn how many rakaats there are in each of the 5 daily prayers.

Product features

  • All teachings in the iPray pad and in the guide book are according to the Hanafi School.
  • Wudhu and salah steps are illustrated.
  • Each step of the salaah has a button that can be pressed in order to listen and learn more.
  • Recordings are in English and Arabic, with correct tajweed.
  • The boys version of the iPray Salah Pad has a boy's voice.
  • Features a light for easier viewing, and a kick stand feature so it can be propped up for more convienient play!
  • A detailed 'Beginners Guide to Salah' is included to supplement the iPray Salah Pad.
  • Recommended ages: 3+

All iPray pads meet all the required British and European, Health and Safety requirements CE, EN71, and are Rohs certified.

Batteries for demonstration purposes are included, but may need replacing upon purchase.

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