One Hundred Ice Creams

One Hundred Ice Creams

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by Sumayyah Hussein (Ruqaya's Bookshelf)

Harun and Heba can’t wait to relax in their favourite park after a busy week at school. But after a bad experience on the crowded playground, the twins decide to explore a nearby forest instead.They find a different world inside the peaceful calm of the forest, and their small adventure turns out to be much more rewarding.

"One Hundred Ice Creams takes the joys and blessings of Jennah from something children simply hear about into something more tangible and exciting. As the characters in the book dream of the many things they’ll see and hope for in Jannah, even I, as an adult, found my heart filling with more longing and excitement for Jennah. This beautiful book is full of imagination and encourages children to develop a love for Islam and Jannah!" 5 star review from Aynur. 


Recommended ages: +4 years

Format: 36 pages, paperback 


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