Tween Tales - The Adventure Begins

Tween Tales - The Adventure Begins

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Edited by Dr. Zaheera Jina with contributions by young South African writers, Yusuf Moosa Bux, Quraisha Shah, Sara Moosa Bux, Aadam Dadabhay, Yusuf Asvat, Hana Hoosen and Suhayb Belaid.

Publisher's Royalties donated to The Caring Women's Forum

Tween Tales: The Adventure Begins… includes the creative craft of seven children ranging in
age from seven to thirteen-years-old. The stories showcase the tween’s individual writing
creations: poetry, descriptions and stories. Stories include fiction tales of going on a junior ranger
camp, saving aquatic animals and realising the importance of family. Being a Tween involves a
playful balance between little and big. This means that they might act silly in one moment, and
sophisticated in the next. Tweens have a lot of informed opinions. They know it all! Through the
stories they write, we catch glimpses of their world – what they consider embarrassing, what
they aspire for themselves and how they strive for independence.

“A delightful collection of adventurous, captivating stories and a wonderful window of the
world through the eyes of these young writers who already frame their view with a unique
lens. These well-written poems and stories captivate you with colourful strokes and give
special insight into the mind of a tween. Enjoyable reading for young and old.” Shafinaaz Hassim, Author – Nisa Qamar Series

Format: Paperback, 134 pages 

Authors’ Details

Yusuf Moosa Bux is ten-years-old. He lives in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. He enjoys playing
sports - soccer, archery and swimming are his favourites. He wants to become a soccer player
when he grows up.

Quraisha Shah is nine-years-old. She lives in Johannesburg, with her Mum, Dad, and older
brother. She enjoys many things including experimenting with her Mum in the kitchen,
rollerblading, gymnastics, reading, and gaming. Pizza and chocolate are her favourite foods. She
wants to be an author and have a successful YouTube channel when older. Quraisha is already
making her way on to both. Her favourite author is Jeff Kinney who writes the Diary of the
Wimpy Kid books.

Yusuf Asvat is nine-years-old. He enjoys solving the rubrics cube, building LEGO and playing
chess. He has two younger brothers and lives in an extended family home with his brothers,
parents, his uncles, his grandmother and Mama. Yusuf wants to become an animator and work
for Pixar when he grows up.

Sara Moosa Bux is seven-years-old. She lives in Kwa-Zulu Natal. She enjoys painting,
swimming, gardening and riding her bike. She enjoys writing her own story books.

Aadam Dadabhay is eight-years-old. He lives in Gauteng and enjoys archery, reading and
playing with his toy soldiers. He regards himself as being special because he is named after the
first human that ever lived and because he has citizenship in two countries.

Hana Hoosen lives in Gauteng, South Africa. She is a thirteen-year-old girl. She has three
siblings: an older sister named Rumaanah, an older brother named Mizan and a younger brother
named Sami. She also has a best friend named Judi. Hana often helps her mum in the kitchen to
prepare meals. She also enjoys gardening, drawing and painting. Hana aspires to become a
Designer when she grows up.

Sohayb Belaid is a ten-year-old kid who is in grade four. He was born in Johannesburg, South
Africa and he lives in Canada. He loves drawing and buying stationary. He enjoys playing video games with his friends. Currently he likes Fifa and Minecraft. He wants to be a comic book artist when he grows up.

Zaheera Jina has been described as a writer; an academic and a stay-at-home-mum. She holds a
PhD in mathematics education from WITS University, South Africa. She is the editor of two
books (Saffron and Riding the Samoosa Express) and the author of Surprise! and the StimuMath
programme for Pre-schoolers. Zaheera lives in Lenasia, South Africa with her husband, three
sons and many in-laws.

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