Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud

Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud

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by Helal Musleh (Ruqaya's Bookshelf) 

Zaid is excited to go on a camping trip with his cousin Ahmed. Just as he’s getting his bag ready, he receives the news that Ahmed is sick and the camping trip is cancelled. Disappointment sets in and Zaid’s day gets gloomier by the minute! What will make Zaid’s gloomy day bright again?

An engaging book that will allow children to explore and understand their stormy emotions, and learn how to cope with them!

"This book kept both my 6 year old and 2.5 year old engaged and entertained. My son loved the fact that he and the main character have the same name. The author does an excellent job of exploring perspective through the joy and disappointment of a little boy over the course of a day." 5 star review by Saman

Recommended ages: 4+ years
Format: 36 Pages, paperback 


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